Where I’m From

Project Statement Using Lyon’s poem, and the Lumiere Rules as a basis, my project explores the metaphysical notions of where I’m from. Using a non-linear sequence, ambiguity is paired with concrete images, reflecting my poem’s theme – that ‘home’ is more than just a place. I found that the juxtaposition of nature and urban settings was […]

Don’t Be Evil

“Media is the nervous system of democracy” – Jeff Cohen, Outfoxed Do you know who owns the media you consume? Suspicion of the media and its power for ideological control are age-old, however an investigation of the owners of modern media provide plausibility that media diversity is declining both internationally and in Australia . As such, the image […]


“A cigarette in the hands of a Hollywood star onscreen is a gun aimed at a 12- or 14-year-old.” —Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas From anxieties surrounding the impact of Gothic novels in the 18th Century to modern day concerns about internet addiction; mass media trepidations are age old, and ever-present. As such, technologically dystopian societies are […]

Practise Makes Perfect

It’s very easy to look at a stunning image and forget the artistry that it takes to produce a good one. So today we put our skills to the test and produced a number of 10 second clips, making sure to include: a wide, close-up, and extreme close-up shot; a shot displaying fore, mid, and […]

A Whole New World

Tip: frame the shot, take 1 step forward, and reframe. It’s amazing to think you could work with a DSLR for years without understanding the settings. For myself, like many others, the countless dials, meters and numbers which determine the manual settings of a DSLR are way too daunting and far-fetched for any amateur dabbling […]


My name is Jasmyn, and I am from the Cronulla in Sydney. As a young individual who was raised in a digital age, I developed a keen interest in media and the ways in which we communicate from a young age. It’s fascinating really: being able to instantly connect with a friend who is thousands of miles […]