Infobahn and the Gatekeepers

Infobahn: a high speed computer network, especially the Internet. LISTEN HERE Note: please listen at a low volume if you don’t want your ears to be blown off (sorry!) This week, I have created a short podcast which dramatises the relationship between Legacy Media/Gatekeepers and The Internet/Gatewatchers. I decided to do this because I was struggling […]

The system formerly known as the internet

“This is not the internet anymore” – Teodor Mitew This week, I have created 2 versions of a meme which represents the paradigmatic shift from the internet as a distributed network to an internet governed by a rise in social media due to Walled Gardens, resulting in a digital Feudal system. Here’s how the internet resembles […]

The rise of the planet of the memes

To represent John Boyd’s OODA loop, what better than an Ood loop? #DoctorDonna In an age where memes have the power to sway the masses, it is essential that we understand the powerful framework that memetic feedback provides to our messages. As seen with Donald Trump’s successful presidency campaign, and Pauline’s recent burqa stunt – those […]

Cybernetics Party

With a name like Norbert Wiener I couldn’t not make a meme out of him. Mr. Wiener, without him we wouldn’t be able to understand cybernetics and the notion of global coordination and control as we do today. So, this week’s meme pays homage to his work and all things cybernetics through a parody of […]

The Game of Secrets

In the Game of Secrets, you win or you die. Before the invention of the telegraph, messages had to be physically transported to their receiver. (Shocking I know). This caused a dramatic shift in world perception as it became unified through the extraction and transportation of information from matter. However, a fundamental concern with the […]